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There are certain things to keep in mind while planning your Bhutan Trip, which will ultimately help you to choose the right arrangement at right time.


First thing you have to consider while planning you Bhutan Trip is to consider the duration of your travel in Bhutan. Less than 8 days tour will allow you to explore only the western part of Bhutan such as Paro, Thimphu, Haa, Punakha, Wangdiphodrang and Gasa. Nine to 12 days tour will take you till central Bhutan and 12 and above day’s tour will enable you to explore western, central and eastern Bhutan.


It is also very important to consider the time to visit Bhutan, depending on your interest and hobbies. Though every season has their own specialty in Bhutan, it is worth to consider the timing of your Bhutan trip in line with your personal interest and likings.

Cost and Pricing

Bhutan has two seasons for tourist such as Peak Tourist Season and Low Tourist Season. Each season has their respective cost and pricing. During Peak Tourist Season USD 250 per person per night is charged while for Low Tourist Season, USD 200 per person per night is charged.

Activities and Festival Dates

It is worth to consider the festival date and other celebration date to experience and be a part of the world class festivals in Bhutan. Festivals are widely celebrated in Bhutan, but some of the major festivals take place in spring and autumn.  It is recommendable to check the festival date, before planning and deciding you date of travel to Bhutan.


Bhutan has four seasons and each season has their respective weather and climate. Winter is generally cold and dry season with chance of snow fall, while summer is monsoon in Bhutan, which brings lots of rain and wetness in Bhutan. Spring is blooming season in Bhutan with moderate temperature, with little to no rainfall, while autumn is festive season in Bhutan with little to no rain and has the moderate temperature.