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Weather in Bhutan depends upon the altitude. In the northern parts of the country where mountains rise up to 7,000 m, weather conditions are similar to arctic. Southwards, closer to India, the weather is hot and humid in the summer and cool in winter. The monsoon rains are usually heavy. Winters can be a good time to visit the lower parts, but then the highest areas are freezing. The best times to visit Bhutan are spring (March-May) and autumn (late September – November) when the weather is warm, dry and sunny.

Depending on the altitude, the climate varies from semi-tropical to alpine (For every 1,000 m height increase the temperature drops about 7 degree Celsius).In Southern Bhutan, the climate is tropical in the monsoon season and may range from 15 degree Celsius in winter to 30 degree Celsius in summer.The east is also warmer than the west. The centre enjoys sub-tropical climate with very cool winters while the northern parts of the country have harsh climate including snowfall two to three times every winter.

In Thimphu the temperature ranges from -2.5°C in January to 25°C in summer with a rainfall of 100 mm. In the high mountain regions the average temperature varies from 0°C in winter to 10°C in summer, with an average of 350 mm of rain.

Paro City 2,250 m / 7,382 ft.
Chelela Pass (Mountain Pass) 3,980 m / 12,139 ft
Thimphu City 2,350 m / 7,710 ft
Phuentsholing City 300 m / 985 ft
Dochu La Pass (Mountain Pass) 3,150 m / 10,334 ft
PunakhaTown 1,310 m / 4,300 ft
Wangduephodrang Town 1,310 m / 4,300 ft
Phobjhika (Gangtey) Valley 2,900 m / 9,510 ft
Pele La Pass (Mountain Pass) 3,420 m / 11,220 ft
Trongsa Town 2,200 m / 7,215 ft
Yutong La Pass (Mountain Pass) 3,425 m / 11,269 ft
Bumthang Valley 2,800 m / 9,185 ft
Thrumshing La Pass (Mountain Pass) 3,750 m / 12,303 ft
Mongar Town 1,700 m / 5,580 ft
Korila Pass (Mountain Pass) 2,450 m / 8038 ft
Trashigang Town 3,773 m / 12,375 ft
Trashiyangtshe Town 1,850 m / 6,070 ft