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Where is Bhutan?

On next, you will visit the National Museum of Bhutan (Ta Dzong), which stands high just above Paro Dzong. The cylindrically shaped traditional building was built purposively as watched tower over Paro Dzong during the time of war, but later, it was turned into National Museum of Bhutan. The Museum has various artifacts from the past on display for the visitors.  Towards the evening, you will be driving to Thimphu for the night.

Where is Bhutan?

Where is Bhutan?

Dear Sir, Kindly find the itinerary and invoice for your Bhutan Trip attached herewith mail.

Is independent travel allowed in Bhutan?

Bhutan is a mysterious kingdom with pure natural environment and well-preserved traditional culture, which are the precious treasures of Bhutan and make it the last Shangri-La in the world. Being an environment-friendly and traditional country, Bhutan pays great attention to protecting the treasures from damage. Therefore, independent is not allowed in Bhutan and you have to use the service from an authorized travel agency, including local travel guide, private car and service.

Can I extend my visa while in Bhutan?

What is the validity of Bhutan Tourist Visa?

I’ve paid for my tour package. How long does it take to process my visa to Bhutan?

What are required documents to process Bhutan Tourist Visa?

Who process the Bhutan Tourist Visa for my tour? Local Agent or Myself?

Can I apply Bhutan Visa online by myself?

Do I need visa to enter Bhutan?

Who are Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek clients?

How is Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek different from other travel agency?

What are the tour packages offered by Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek?

Who is Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek?

What is “GNH”?

What is the time difference from GMT?

What is the currency of Bhutan?

What is climate like in Bhutan?

What is the state religion of Bhutan?

What form of government is Bhutan?

Where is Bhutan?


What are the available options of Hotel’s Standard in Bhutan?

Hotel Standards vary from 3 stars to 5 stars, which are rated by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Under your normal tour cost, we will put you up in a 3 star Hotel but one usually has option to stay in a 5 star Hotel if you are willing to pay extra for it.

What are the services available in hotels?

All basic amenities are available in 3 stars hotels. All 3 star hotels have free Wi-Fi, but paid services like laundry service, dry cleaning, and restaurants. Some 3 star Hotels also have Beauty Parlor and Spa Facilities.

What credit cards do hotel accept for payment?

Credit cards like Visa and Master cards are widely accepted but you will be charged 2% for service will be charged.

What is included in the 5 star hotel fees?

5 Star Hotels fees are inclusive of room services,(need to add )  ………

What about the child rate?

Children above the age of 6 are usually chargeable extra but the rate for children using extra bed usually varies from Hotel to Hotel.

Do you offer non-smoking rooms?

As Bhutan was declared a Tobacco free country since 2010, public places are smoke free zone and a designated area is allotted in Hotels and restaurants. Some hotels do not have smoking areas so it is always advisable to ask the hotel staff.

What time can I check-in and out?

Time for checking in and out usually depends on Hotels but usually check in time is usually after 1PM and check out time is usually around 11 -12 O’clock.

How can I cancel my reservation?

Cancellation Policies vary from Hotel to Hotel. Some hotels have free cancellation policy, some depends on the accommodation type, and therefore it is advisable to find out beforehand.

What are the rules for cancellation?

Note to self ;Refer Hotel WEbsite

I need to cancel but the cancellation period has expired. What should I do?

Refer hotel Website

I need to change my booking since my travel plans have changed- I cannot cancel. What do you recommend?

Refer hotel Website


What is food like in Bhutan?

Spices are a distinctive characteristic of Bhutanese cuisine. Mostly chillis are an essential part of nearly every dish and are considered so important that most Bhutanese people would not enjoy a meal that is not spicy. A dish that is entirely made of Chilli is called Ema Datshi and is a must have during every meal for Bhutanese. Rice is a staple food here and it is found in all three meals. One or two side dishes consisting of vegetables/Ema Datshi or meat is usually served with rice during every meal. Beef, Chicken and Pork are the meat items that are mostly consumed by Bhutanese.

What are the cuisines available in Bhutan?

A wide variety of Western, Oriental and Indian food is also available in many of the restaurants around the country.

Where can I eat in Bhutan?

It is usually the Travel Agent that arranges your meals but there are many multi cuisine restaurants in Thimphu and Paro, and if you choose to eat out you have the option to do so.

Can I go with my own choice of restaurant?

Yes of course.


What kind of itinerary is available?

Itinerary is usually made based on ones’ interest or the number of days one plans to travel for.

How many days are required to visit west part of Bhutan? 

A minimum of 5-6 days would be required for visiting western part Bhutan. If one wants a detailed tour then we would recommend 8-9 days for covering the whole of western Bhutan.

How many days are required to visit west and central parts of Bhutan?

A minimum of 10 days would be required for visiting western part Bhutan. If one wants a detailed tour then we would recommend at least 14 days to cover visit these regions.

How many days are required to visit west, central and east parts of Bhutan?

If I want to visit east Bhutan via India, how many days do you recommend?

Can I have my own choice of Itinerary?

Yes, you are allowed to choose your places of visit and interests but there are some places that do not allow visitors and some dos and don’ts.


 What is a Mixed Itinerary?

An Itinerary that has a mix of Cultural, Spiritual and Hiking etc. is called a Mixed Itinerary.

 Can I suggest and comment to an itinerary as per my interest?

We are open to suggestions and as per our clients interest we try our best to prepare our itinerary. There are few places where tourists are not allowed and a few dos and don’ts that have to be followed, other than that we try our best to provide you with all that interests you.

What are the destination covered and how destinations are chosen for each tour?

The destinations covered are usually determined by the number days one is willing to spend in Bhutan and our esteemed clients interest are taken into consideration before we prepare your itinerary

Tour Guide and Internal Transportation (Car)

Can I get language guide in Bhutan? What should I do to avail language guide with me during tour in Bhutan?

 English is widely spoken here in Bhutan but we can arrange language guides as per your requirement for which you may have to pay a little extra.

Are guides with Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek trained?

Bhutan Life Exposure Tours And Treks provides you with well experienced and trained guides, who have been in the field for couple of years.

What type of ground transportation is used?

Transportation used is mainly well maintained tourists bus for groups of more than 2 and a luxury Car for people less than 2.


Where can I shop in Bhutan?

If you are looking for foreign or imported goods, the best place would be the Capital City (Thimphu). Almost everything that is available in the capital is found is also found in Paro.

Can I use credit cards to shop in Bhutan?

Credit cards like Visa, Master cards, American Express are widely accepted but you will be charged 2% for service will be charged.

Is bargaining allowed?

Generally bargaining is allowed.

General Tourist Information

Why visit Bhutan?

Bhutan may probably be the last Shangri-la left on Earth. Bhutan is one of the few places that offer you an enchanting, fairytale experience. Beautiful valleys surrounded by snowcapped mountains and adorned with lush paddy fields are the first sight as soon as your flight descends to Paro. Throughout your tour, you will find the rich culture and tradition that has been carefully preserved, be it in presenting ourselves or in building our houses.  

Highlights of Bhutan, to name a few, are:

1.                    The Massive Fortresses (Dzongs)

2.                    Amazing Festivals (Tsechus)

3.                    The Famous Tigers Nest( Taktshang Monastery)

4.                    Trekking among the beautiful Snowcapped Mountain ranges

5.                    The place where Gross National Happiness (GNH) was conceived and is still in practice.

6.                    Some of the oldest Buddhist temples dating back to 7th century

7.                    Beautiful Flora and Fauna.

8.                    The Rare Black Necked Cranes and

9.                    Highest Unclimbed Mountain (Gangkar Puensum)

10.                 The unique National Animal (Takin)

11.                 Beautiful hiking Trails.

Our Monarchs have been very wise and careful in making sure that modernization is done carefully.

Till 1974 Bhutan was secluded from the rest of the world and till date our Government has been very careful with the influx of visitors with the “High Value-Low Volume” Policy.

Is Bhutan open to international tourist?

Is there a limit on the number of tourists that can enter Bhutan each year?

Bhutan does not restrict the number of tourists visiting.

How do I start, if I wish to visit Bhutan?

 If you wish to visit Bhutan, first of all you have to get in touch with a local travel agent as the Tourism Council of Bhutan mandates that every international tourist has to obtain a visa before entry. The Visa has to be processed by a local travel agent. Thus, the first step you are required to do is to get in touch with a Travel Agent.

When is the best time to visit Bhutan?

 The best time to visit Bhutan is during the Spring Months of March, April and May and during the fall/ autumn months of September, October and November. As these are peak tourist seasons, it is advisable to plan and book for your trip few months in advance.

Is there internet service in Bhutan?

Internet Services are available almost everywhere. All Hotels you put up in will have Wi-Fi and if you can avail a sim card, 3G and 4G are also available.

How to exchange money?

Money can be exchanged from the Airport and Banks and there are money exchange places too. But your Guide can arrange where to exchange.

Is ATM card available in Bhutan?


Are medical facilities available in Bhutan?

Yes, we do have medical facilities but it is hardly comparable to the medical facilities aboard and we would like to advise one to carry your own medication if you are on medication. Medical facilities in Bhutan are just basic

What type of clothing should visitors bring?

 If you are traveling during Peak Season ( i.e Spring and autumn), it is always advisable to carry few sweaters and a light down jacket, as weather can be quite unpredictable. Morning and Evenings are a little cold, whereas daytime is quite pleasant.  If you are traveling during the Monsoon season, a light raincoat is advisable. Winters are harsh so one has to carry warm, thick clothes.

Is it tipping included in the tour cost?

Please note that tips for Guides and Drivers are not included in the tour cost.