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It is mandatory for all the tourists in Bhutan to have lead by the trained and licensed local guide. Department of Tourism, is responsible for licensing of the tourist guide in Bhutan. Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek has a team of professional, well experienced, energetic and passionate guide who are always looking forward to offer the exceptionally satisfying guide services to our clients. We have the following language guides services:

Chinese Language Guide (中文指南)

Chinese Language Guide (中文指南) : Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek has the best Chinese speaking guides in Bhutan. The more than half of our Chinese guides were specialized in Chinese language from china’s mainland – Beijing. And they are also trained to be a tourist guide in Bhutan. With fluency in Chinese language, the knowledge of Bhutanese culture and society, and the experienced in Bhutanese tourism industry, our guides have been able to provide exceptional guide services to our clients.

Japanese Language Guide (日本語ガイド)

Japanese Language Guide (日本語ガイド): Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek has the best Japanese language guide. Our Japanese guides have been in the tourism industry since 1995. They are expert on almost everything, when it comes to touring in Bhutan.

English Language Guide

English Speaking Guide: English Speaking guides are considered as general guides in Bhutan. We have handpicked the best English speaking guides to lead our tour groups. We have best English guides, with utmost knowledge on Bhutan’s culture, history and places.

French Language Guide (Guide français)

French Speaking Guide (Guide français) : We have few numbers of well-spoken French guides who are being carefully selected among many. They are well trained and licensed to lead a tour group.

Spanish Language Guide (Guia en español)

Spanish Speaking Guide (Guia en español): With the increase number of Spanish traveling to Bhutan, we have few selected well-spoken Spanish Speaking Guide, who are gentle, polite and friendly with the guest.

Tibetan Language Guide

Tibetan Language Guide : Tibetan Speaking guide in Bhutan are increasing with the increase number of Tibetan Tourist flowing to Bhutan. Whenever required, we select the best of the best guide to lead a group. Some are either trained in Bhutan and some outside Bhutan.

Indian Speaking Guide ( हिंदी गाइड )

Indian Speaking Guide ( हिंदी गाइड ) : We have senior most guides who speak Hindi and lead a group smoothly. Always select best among many, who are wise, humble and more knowledgeable on Bhutan Tour.

Trekking Guide

Trekking Guide: We have well experienced trekking guides, who have lead more than hundreds of trekking groups in the past through extreme difficult trekking routes to the easiest trekking routes. Our trekking guides are professional, and they have the best knowledge about the trekking routes in Bhutan. Generally, the trekking guide is accompanied by other language guides, if clients preferred.

Other Language Guides

Other Guide: We also arrange guide services of languages as per the requirement of our clients. We have extensive network of professional language guides in Bhutan.