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Your journeyBEGINS

The journey to reach Bhutan is in itself an adventure, but it’s one to be savoured at every step, including during its planning.


First thingsFIRST

Getting a visa for your visit to Bhutan is simple and straightforward. The whole process takes a matter of two to three days, and then you’re ready to ENTER THE KINGDOM.

Bhutan’s topography makes for EXHILARATING DRIVES AND BREATHTAKING HIKES. A fleet of transport options is at your disposal: from mountain bikes, motorbikes and yaks, to domestic buses and flights, SUVs with private drivers and helicopter services.


Bhutan has two national airlines: Drukair and Bhutanairlines. Direct flights to and from our international airport in Paro connect you to Bangladesh (Dhaka), India (Bagdora, Gauhati, Kolkata and New Delhi), Nepal (Kathmandu), Singapore, and Thailand (Bangkok).


There are four official entry points by road from India: Samtse and Phuentsholing (in western Bhutan), Gelephu (in central Bhutan), and Samdrup Jongkhar (in eastern Bhutan).


The most convenient way to travel in Bhutan is to hire a vehicle and driver from a car rental company or a tourism service provider. It is not possible to hire a self-drive vehicle in Bhutan. You can also book a local driver or transport service provider (as well as hotels and tour operators). Your hotel will also be able to provide or arrange transport for you.

Four airports connect the country’s western, central, southern and eastern regions. Although airlines always aim to provide the highest service, Bhutan’s unique landscape occasionally makes for unreliable departure dates. Yonphula airport – located in the eastern part of Bhutan – is given to unpredictable weather in the summer months due to its altitude and micro-climate. Flights are thus sporadically delayed or cancelled. Other domestic airports are located in Bumthang and Gelephu, and there is the international airport in Paro.

The Royal Bhutan Helicopter Service  (RBHSL) is available for private hire. The RBHSL was initially founded for emergency medical evacuations, but it also caters to heli-hiking and other guest services, making otherwise long journeys possible in less time, while offering an aerial view of our kingdom. Helicopters only fly in clear and calm weather conditions.