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Tourism Policy of Bhutan

Bhutan is recognized for having one of the world’s most exclusive travel destinations, with a reputation for authenticity, remoteness, and the preservation of its rich cultural heritage and natural environment. The tourism sector in Bhutan is currently a thriving industry with significant potential for expansion and advancement. The Royal Government of Bhutan is committed to a ‘High Value, Low Volume’ tourism policy, aiming to cultivate an exclusive and high-yield image for the country.

The tourism sector in Bhutan is built upon the core principle of sustainability, emphasizing the need for environmentally and ecologically friendly practices, social and cultural acceptability, and economic viability. The Royal Government of Bhutan recognizes the global significance of tourism as a crucial avenue for socioeconomic development, especially for a developing nation like Bhutan. It believes that tourism, by providing opportunities for travel, can foster a deeper understanding among people and strengthen bonds of friendship through a heightened appreciation and respect for diverse cultures and lifestyles.

In pursuit of this goal, the Royal Government has adopted a prudent approach to the growth and development of Bhutan’s tourism industry. The industry’s substantial potential as an authentically indigenous venture, coupled with Bhutan’s distinct comparative advantages, serves as compelling reasons to position Bhutan as a high-end tourist destination. This aligns with the principles of Gross National Happiness, ensuring that the promotion of tourism is in harmony with the holistic well-being of the country.