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Helpie FAQ

Where is Bhutan?

On next, you will visit the National Museum of Bhutan (Ta Dzong), which stands high just above Paro Dzong. The cylindrically shaped traditional building was built purposively as watched tower over Paro Dzong during the time of war, but later, it was turned into National Museum of Bhutan. The Museum has various artifacts from the past on display for the visitors.  Towards the evening, you will be driving to Thimphu for the night.

Where is Bhutan?

Where is Bhutan?

Dear Sir, Kindly find the itinerary and invoice for your Bhutan Trip attached herewith mail.

Is independent travel allowed in Bhutan?

Bhutan is a mysterious kingdom with pure natural environment and well-preserved traditional culture, which are the precious treasures of Bhutan and make it the last Shangri-La in the world. Being an environment-friendly and traditional country, Bhutan pays great attention to protecting the treasures from damage. Therefore, independent is not allowed in Bhutan and you have to use the service from an authorized travel agency, including local travel guide, private car and service.

Can I extend my visa while in Bhutan?

What is the validity of Bhutan Tourist Visa?

I’ve paid for my tour package. How long does it take to process my visa to Bhutan?

What are required documents to process Bhutan Tourist Visa?

Who process the Bhutan Tourist Visa for my tour? Local Agent or Myself?

Can I apply Bhutan Visa online by myself?

Do I need visa to enter Bhutan?

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Who is Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek?

What is “GNH”?

What is the time difference from GMT?

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Where is Bhutan?