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Bayuel Langdra


Yet another hike which gives you the opportunity to view actual marks of Guru Rinpoche, as well as a handful of temples, is the hike to Bay Yul Lang Dra. After driving through Wangdue, you will follow a dirt road off to the left leading in towards Chuzomsa. On the way through the beautiful forests, you will pass many temples including the old Zhabja Lhakhang where you can see a defined right foot print of Guru Rinpoche and beautifully carved hand-made wall paintings. You will also pass a cave where water is dripping through the roof from what appears to be no source. Just before reaching the starting point of the hike, you will spot Guru Rinpoche walking stick; an enormous old cypress tress stuffed with craftsmanship of great lamas. There are two big temples at the trailhead; the upper one is a meditation retreat and the lower one, Yoser Namseling Lhakhang, is a two storied temple with beautiful sculptures of Guru Rinpoche eight manifestations. The path leading up to Bay Yul Lang Dra is partly through forests and open meadows scattered with prayer flags. If you are lucky you might also get a peak of a white langur monkey or a jungle fowl or two. The cliff-hanging temple is a breathtaking sight even though it is currently being renovated and expanded.

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