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Chorten Kora


Chorten Kora, is an important stupa located just below the little shanty town of Tashiyangtse, along the Kholong Chu River. The stupa is one of the most significant in the Bhutan and it is also largest stupa in Bhutan. The stupa was built in the 18 th century by Lama Ngawang Lodro, the nephew of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel inorder to subdue a harmful demon believed to have been living at the site where the chorten is now located. The stupa is modeled after the famous Boudhanath stupa in Nepal popularly known as Jarung Khashor. Devotees from Tawang in the Indian State of Arnachael Pradesh attend chorten Kora festival, because as history has it, the young girl from Tawang, believed to be Dakini was buried alive in the Stupa as the main relic of Stupa. The astrologer was approached when stupa was constructing. According to the astrology reading, in order to subdue the demon of the region, the young girl from north of Tashiyangtse, of certain age, with no record of sexual intercourse, or
with no bad merit has to be install in stupa. Therefore, the young girl from Tawang, the daughter of rural of Tawang matched the criteria and she was brought to be installed in stupa. Therefore, the devotees from Tawang come to attend the Chorten Kora Festival every year. Chorten Kora Festival is preceded by the Tse Chenga Kora, a similar celebration on the 15 th day
of the first month of the Bhutanese Calendar. The festival was started once the stupa was constructed by Lam Ngewang Loday, and it is believed to be the one of the blessings for merit and enlightenment.

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