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Currency & Banks in Bhutan

Ngultrum (Nu) is the currency of Bhutan, which is pegged at par with the Indian Rupee (Rs). A traveler can get the updated exchange rate from the website of local Banks on a daily basis. Bhutan currently has five local Banks governed by the Central Bank, Royal Monetary Authority. 

The Dollar (USD)is widely used and accepted .A traveler can exchange USD /Euros etc to local currency from the counter of any of the local Banks in the country. A few shops also exchanges USD with local currency. Travelers can also exchange local currency from Airport. 

Most shops and hotels accept Credit Cards like Master card, Visa and American Express but a service charge is usually charged.

In many parts of Bhutan,  ATM machines are available and travelers can withdraw money using the ATM card and Master card. Point Of Sales(POS) are also available though it it is not recommended and not so popular in Bhutan.