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People of Bhutan

On so many levels, Bhutan or Druk Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon), is a mysterious, intriguing and visually rich country. Set high in the Himalayas, this last Buddhist kingdom has managed, against many odds, to preserve its cultural and environmental heritage. Central to its heritage are its people.  More than 60% out of little more than 700, 000 (Seven Hundred Thousand people) Bhutanese are living in the rural parts of Bhutan, and all of them  depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

Though, Bhutan has various ethnic groups. The major ethnic groups are  the Ngalops (People residing in  the west) , the Sharchops (People residing in Eastern Bhutan), the Layaps (People who reside in Laya), Lhotshampas (Bhutanese who reside in Southern Bhutan. Though, there are many ethnic groups, Bhutanese strongly believe in the value of “One People, One Nation”.