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6 Days Pilgrimage Tour


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Pilgrimage Tour
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Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom and is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites for all Buddhists around the world. Buddhism pilgrimage tour in Bhutan is one of the most popular tours in Bhutan. Bhutan has many religious sites associated to the Great Guru Rinpoche. Bhutan is a main spiritual destination of the world where you can find numerous of temples, monasteries, stupas and meditation caves. You will have a great opportunity for rejuvenation of your spirituality involving our special pilgrimage tours in Bhutan.

This trip brings you all the glories of spiritual Bhutan, the most religiously-rich part of the country. The trip begins from Paro, and as you walk along its ancient pavements thronged with temples and monasteries and Buddhist chants being emanated through the air. This particular Buddhist pilgrimage tour is all about looking for spiritual transformations but not just in prayer filled monasteries but also through the incredible sceneries and experiences in this fabled country that has been considered a Shangri-La by many travelers in the past. This pilgrimage tour package is designed to fit the need of our clients’ spiritual attainment by including not just site visit but also including the activities such as recitation of prayers, offering of butter lamp, hoisting of prayer flags, meditation, and receiving teaching from some of the greatest and well learned Buddhist masters. It also explores the deep concept of spiritual world through understanding and practicing it.Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek, wish all our clients looking forward to take this pilgrimage trip finds this itinerary beneficial and through the merit of same, may all the sentient beings in this world be liberated from this samsara.


As you land, in the kingdom of Buddhism, blessed by Guru Rimpoche, you will be receive and welcome to Bhutan by our guide for your group from the exit gate of Paro International Airport. Paro is one of the most beautiful districts in Bhutan, featured with rural and urban characteristics. Moreover, the district is one of the most popular destinations for the pilgrimage, as it has many holy and significant temples and monasteries all over. You will begin your pilgrimage by visiting Kichu Lhakhang; the temple built by the Tibetan King Songtsen Gyempo, in 7th century along with other 108 temples in a single night to bring down the power of evil spirit existed around the Himalayan Region then.

At Kichu Lhakhang, you will light 108 butter lamps. Butter lamps is one of the main offerings that Buddhist practice but not unique to Buddhist alone. Buddhist considers ignorance, lack of wisdom and lack of knowledge as the main source of all our problems. The biggest challenge the world faces is ignorance, metaphorically portrayed as darkness. To get rid of darkness of ignorance, butter lamp is light.  The lighting of butter lamp will be followed by the 6 times prostrations to along with your prayers. After that, you will do 3 rounds of circumambulation around the temples. The circumambulation is one of important and significant activities in Buddhism to clear off ones sin.

In the afternoon, you will hike to Drakarpo, one of the popular pilgrimage sites in Paro. It is the place, where Chinese renowned action movie actor Jet Li meditated few years ago. Drakarpo is located on a hill above Paro Valley. The site is visited by thousands of people both locals and tourist because of its significance history and legend.  Guru Rinpoche had personally meditated in this monastery and many body prints still stands on testimony. Upon arrival at Drakarpo, you will do three round of circumambulation and then, spend your evening meditating in a cave, where guru Rimpoche Meditated. It is believed that Drakarpo has hidden treasure underneath and one who meditate and circumambulate will gain merit for liberation from this samsara. In the evening, you will return to Paro and visit Kichu Temple for the night. At Kichu Temple, you will enjoy the pure and organic vegetable hotpot along host of the temple. You will sleep at the site of temple.



Early Morning, you will attend the Morning Prayer in the temple with monks of the temple. You will offer your prayer along with them. Then, you will eat breakfast and start your journey to Tiger Nest (Taktshang).  On and half hour hike through the refreshing pine forest will reach you to Taktshang. Taktshang is one of the most visited Temple in Bhutan both by the tourist and local people. As you Ascend, the view of Paro valley becomes more and more visible.

The view of Taktsang Monastery built on a sheer cliff face 900 meters above the valley floor is a spectacular sight. The Monastery is also an important pilgrim site for the Buddhists. The great Guru Rimpoche is said to have flown here on the back of a tigress when he brought the teachings of the Buddhist Dharma to Bhutan in the 8th Century. Nearby there is a teahouse where you can stop for refreshments before returning to Paro for lunch. Upon you arrival at Taktshang, you will spend half day in Zangdopelri Lhakhang, offering prayers and moenlam. It is believed that, the prayers are always answered at the Taktshang. After lunch you will light the butter lamp in the house dedicated to butter lamp. You will also hoist the prayer flag at the Taktshang, before returning to Paro.  Towards the evening, you will depart Paro for the Thimphu.

In the evening, you will receive audience with one of the most revered Buddhist Master, who will bless and talk about the concept of Buddhism and religious Philosophy.  After the session, you will enjoy your dinner along with Rimpoche. Your night will be in hotel.



After breakfast, you will begin your sightseeing in Thimphu by visiting one of the most iconic landmarks in Thimphu – Buddha Point, where the world biggest statue of Buddha is overlooking the Thimphu Town below. Buddha Statue was constructed in recent years for the world peace and prosperity and with funding from donors from China, Singapore and all over the world. You will visit inside Buddha Statue and experience the unique waves of temple. The view of Thimphu town becomes very clear and beautiful from Buddha Point.

Then, you will visit Memorial Stupa which is located in the central part of Thimphu Town. The stupa was built in the memory of Late Third King, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuk of Bhutan. Many Buddhist Masters had visited the stupa and blessed the place. Today, it is the center for people living in and around Thimphu to offer prayer and circumambulate.

You will proceed to Changangkha Lhakhang, which is located in the upper part of Thimphu. The date of the foundation of Changangkha Lhakhang is not exactly known but the elder people speak ‘The descendants of Phajo Drugom Shigpo Son’s Nyima established the monastery in the 15th century and called it “Phagpa Ranjung Tsuglakha”, “the temple of Avalokitoshvara” statue which has appeared by itself”. Changangkha Lhakhang is the most important temple for the Children born in Thimphu, since the protective deity of children resides in this temple.

From there you will visit Zilukha Nunnery, where you will have opportunity to interact, observe the life of nuns of Bhutan. You will also able to ask question regarding the Buddhism. Then, from there you will come to town for the lunch.

After lunch, you will make your journey to Tango which is located towards the north of Thimphu on a hill. Upon arrival at tango base, you will be received and evening tea will be served by the Monks of Tango University. After tea break, you will hike to Tango.

One hour hike will take you through the most beautiful forest and as you hike higher, you will able to catch the view of Cheri on the other side of hill. Tango was founded by Lama Gyalwa Lhanampa in the 13th century and built in its present form by Tenzin Rabgye, the 4th Temporal Ruler in 1688. In 1616, the Tibetan, Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, meditated in its cave. The self-emanated form of the wrathful Hayagriva is deified in the monastery. It belongs to the Drukpa Kagyu School of Buddhism in Bhutan.

First you will visit Monastery and offer butter lamp and prayer in the monastery. Then, you will visit cave where Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel meditated. You will spend your time meditating in the cave for some time.

In the evening, you will receive blessings from the Rimpoche of the Tango Monastery. You will interact with monks and also spend your night in the temple. Your dinner will be served as organic and pure veg hotpot in the temple’s dining.



After breakfast in the Monastery, you will begin your hike down to the base of Tango. On the way, you will hoist prayer flags for your and others wellbeing. Then, you base of temple, you will take car and drive to Thimphu.

From Thimphu, you will drive to Punakha, and on your first hour drive, you will reach Dochula. Dochula is one of the most beautiful passes of Bhutan. The pass is beautifully surrounded by 108 stupas built by the Queen Mother in the memory of Fourth King of Bhutan and Royal Bhutan Armies. At Dochula, you will able to catch the glimpse of many beautiful mountains at distance. For doing three round of circumambulation, you will proceed down to Punakha.

On arrival at Punakha, you will visit Chimi Lhakhang, the temple located at the far end of Lobesa Village.   The Chimi Lhakhang was built in 1499 by Ngawang Choegyel, the 14th Drukpa hierarch. It was Drukpa Kunley (1455–1529), the maverick saint (also

known as the ‘Divine Madman’) who first built a chorten at this site after blessing it. Legends have it that Lama Kunley blessed the site for the Chimi Lhakhang after subduing the demoness of Dochu La at this particular location. Drukpa Kunley used the ‘magic thunderbolt of wisdom’ to subdue the demon. So, the temple is said to bless those couple who cannot get pregnant with child.

Then, you will visit nearby village to experience the rural Bhutan. You will interact with villagers and enjoy their hospitality. Your lunch will be served at Villager’s house with menu of organic, pure veg Bhutanese dishes.

After lunch, you will depart to visit Punakha Dzong. Punakha Dzong is beautifully located between two rivers of Bhutan. It has one of the finest architectural designs of all time.

Punakha Dzongkhag has been inextricably linked with momentous occasions in Bhutanese history. It served as the capital of the country from 1637 to 1907 and the first national assembly was hosted here in 1953. Punakha Dzong is not only the second oldest and second largest dzong but it also has one of the most majestic structures in the country. You will offer your prayer at Punakha Dzong.

Later you will visit Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery, which is perched on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Punakha valley and Wangduephodrang valley. Surrounded by rich lush green pine forest the nunnery complex is a true expression of Bhutanese architecture portraying strong traditional values. The temple houses a 14-feet bronze statue of Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig with thousand hands and thousand eyes). Apart from this, the temple is home to several other statues which include those of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the 21 Taras and Buddha of longevity. You will offer your prayer and light butter lamp at the nunnery. You will also interact and receive blessing from the Buddhist master of the nunnery.

Later you will return to Punakha for night hold.



After breakfast, you will begin your spiritual journey to Paro. On the way, you will make pilgrimage to Tseluna Nye (Holy Place of Tseluna). Among many holy places, Tseluna Nye is one of the sacred Guru Rimpoche’s holy sites that prolong the life after visit. Guru Rimpoche has sanctified many sites throughout Bhutan. Thus guaranteeing all devotees an equal opportunity to get his blessing through numerous images left on rock.


Tseluna Nye is one of the sacred Nye located west of Thimphu. It is bit far but accessible by car. The Nye is positioned on the hill slope. Tseluna Nye was blessed by Guru Rimpoche and his consort Khandro Yeshe Tshogyal between the 8th and 9th century and hidden many sacred religious treasures, making the place exceptionally holy.

The Nye was also blessed by many highly accomplished religious figures in the history such as Phajo Drugom Tharpa Gyeltshen (1179-1249), Gyalwang Je Kuenga Penjor (1428 – 1476), Drukchen Ngawang Chogyal (1465 – 1540), Drukpai Wangchuk Kunga lekpa (1455-1570), Peling Thuksey Dawa Gyaltsen (1499-1587), Neyphu Tulku Yongzin Ngawang Drakpa (1525-1599), and other highly accomplished religious king Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.

Terton Drukdra Dorji, while in Pumola, received many prophecies from the Dakinis and in accordance with these prophecies, he came to Tseluna Nye and discovered many powerful treasures. It is truly wonderful Nye to visit and spend time meditating as Guru Rimpoche and Khandro Yeshe Tshogyel has left behind their amazing prints and many other attention grabbing artifacts in the rocks apart from hiding many treasures.

Later, you will drive to Paro for dinner. Your dinner will be lavish choices of pure veg and organic vegetable hotpot and other dishes.


Service Included

  • Bhutan Tourist Tariff Royalty & Visa fees.
  • All private excursions and transfers in superior air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Local English speaking trekking guide/tour leader.
  • Cook and camp hand who will take care of camp chores and provide wholesome meals.
  • Services of horsemen who will look after the yaks & ponies that transport luggage and camp gear.
  • Experienced driver.
  • Accommodation in carefully selected, highest standard government approved hotels & guesthouses
  • All meals in Bhutan.
  • All entrance fees and permits.

Service Excluded

  • All personal expenses such as bars, beverages, laundry, telephone.
  • Tips to guide and driver.
  • Medical / Travel Insurance.
  • Adventure and sport fees
  • Luxury Hotel cost


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