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Guru Nangsa Zelen


The construction of 154 feet tall Guru Nangsa Zelen in Takila under Lhuentse Dzongkhag was initially started in 2005, however, the construction started in 2008. The site is located at the top of the Menbi Gewog, which is popularly known as Takila, a few kilometers away from Tangmachu main village. According to the founder Lama Khenpo Karpo, the site was chosen as per the prophecy of Guru Rinpoche. Guru Rinpoche prophesized by saying, “we have a sacred place Ajana in the east, Yamalung in the west, Khenpajong in the North and in the south we have Singye Dzong. In the center of these four holiest places, we have this statue. While the outer Statue was built with Materials like gold and bronze, the main relic in the statue includes Jeo Nga, which was brought from Lhasa. Initially, founder planned to paint whole statue with Gold, but due to budget constraint, it remain with bronze. The statue was completed in 2016 and then subsequently consecrated. The funding for the construction done through donation not only within donors from Bhutan but also from many international donors. The construction was initiated by Druk Odiyana Foundation, headed by Lama Khenpo Karpo. Khenpo Karpo passed away soon after consecration of Guru Statue in hospital in Bangkok.

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