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Tangmachu Village


Towards the south from the Dzongkhag administration, 25kms away, is the Tangmachu village with a good landscape mostly under wetland cultivation. The village is the rice bowl of Lhuentse district as it is blessed with water availability for irrigation and gentle slope topography. The exact time of year is not known when the place name got it as Takila and Tangmachu. According to Venerable Lama Neten Yonten Kinjung, the mentioned names are associated with Drupthop Ngagchang Takrelchan in the 12th or 13th century. The Drupthop, while in the present day Tangmachu area, heard the roar of the tiger from the ridge above. So the name Takila came to be known. Takila means the ridge of the roar of Tiger. Little later after the roar, a tigress was found drinking water from the pond. The pond then was named Tangmachu. With the passage of time, the word Tangmachu was used as the village name. But later, the pronunciation began to deteriorate and it was simply known as Tangmachu. This word is popularly used by the people of Tangmachu.

Tangmachu is popularly known for having the world largest Guru Statue. The statue is overlooking the Tangmachu Village from the hill called Takila.

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