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Merak & Sakteng


Merak and Sakteng are the two remotest Gewogs (blocks) in Trashigang District where Brokpas, the nomadic yak herders have got to showcase unique culture and tradition. It takes two days to reach Merak on foot from Chaling, the nearest road head (29 km from Trashigang town) and two days to Sakteng from Phongmey, the nearest road head (33 km from Trashigang town). It is a one day’s journey between Merak and Sakteng. The local dialect they communicate with, the dresses they wear the life style they live, the traditional songs they sing and the dances the perform show how unique they are. Besides, the communities live in clustered settlement with uniquely designed structures. They have their unique way of life style. Their cultures are unique from the rest of Bhutanese communities and even their language differs from the rest of Bhutan. The communities of the Gewogs depend on livestock for their daily living and for income as
well. So called Drukor, they barter livestock products, such as butter, cheese, meat and fermented cheese for food grains from low land areas of Radhi, Phongmey, Shongphu, Bidung etc besides selling the products for cash. Their community hugely depends on the live stock products, as the land is not fertile enough for the cultivation and agriculture farming.
Tercham, the Naked Dance is the only one of its kind that is being showcased every three year besides other annual festivals where exclusive Achey Lhamo dance and Yak Chham (the Yak dance) could be witnessed. Given the remoteness and under the custody of Sakteng Wildlife
Sanctuary, undisturbed ecosystem of Merak & Sakteng are home for around 18 mammals, 119 birds and 203 plants species. The beauty of the community is that they live with traditional lifestyle and have rich biodiversity.

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