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Trashigang Dzong


Tashigang Dzong is located at around half kilometer from the Tashigang Town. The Dzong is overlooking the Drangmaechu River below, from an approximate elevation of 1500 mbsl. The Dzong has 7 Lhakhangs inside: Lamai Lhakhang, Tsechhu Lhakhang, Two Goenkhang and Drupthop Lhakhang, Kuenray Lhakhang, Tshokshing Lhakhang and Dema Lhakhang with 21 types of Dema statues. The dzong is currently under reconstruction after earth quake destroyed in 2008. Founded according to the prophecies of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, Trashigang Dzong was built in 1659 by Trongsa Penlop, Chogyal Minjur Tempa (1659-1676 AD, the 3rd Deb of
Bhutan). The Dzong was then named as Trashigang, the Fortress of the Auspicious Mountain. There existed Dzongchung (Mini Dzongs) at the four cardinal directions that unfortunately do not exist today. The architecture of the Dzong is very astonishing, in the pure Bhutanese architectural design, with central ground for the mask dances and festivals. It is located on a hill. The Dzong has eight different Lhakhangs. These Lhakhangs include Lam Lhakhang in the central tower which is dedicated to Zhabdrung Rimpochhe, the Tshechu Lhakhang with Guru Tshengye, the Goenkhang dedicated to deities Mahakala and Mahakala, the Drupthop Lhakhang for Drupthop Thangthong Gyalpo and other great Buddhist saints, the Kuenray Lhakhang, the Tshokhang Lhakhang which has the lineage of Drukpa, Karmapa, Nyingma and Zogchen displayed and the Dema Lhakhang with 21 kinds of Demas.

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