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Mongar Dzong


Mongar Dzong, which lies above the Mongar Central Town, is one of the important structures in Mongar districts of Bhutan. Although, the Dzong was constructed in recent year in 1930s, it was constructed in same architectural design and engineering skills of old and ancient Dzongs in Bhutan. It is the symbol of how Bhutanese architectural and engineering skills still exist in post modern world. Mongar Dzong was built to replace the olden Zhongar Dzong. The architectural design of Mongar Dzong is no different from the rest of the Dzongs in Bhutan, though it was built in the recent years. The Mongar Dzong was built under the financial assistance from the government of Indian and partially finance by the Royal Government of Bhutan. Today, the Dzong is the center for Mongar districts administration and also the resident of the monastic body of Mongar Districts. Annually, the Mongar Tshechu is held at the Dzong.

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