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Wengkhar Goenpa


Half day excursion Distance from Mongar: 30 minutes on paved road Hiking time: 0-50 minutes, depending on destination after the Lhakhang Elevation: 1779 meters. It is unknown when the temple was constructed but its date of restoration is recorded as 1942. This temple is extremely well known and revered as it is the birthplace of ZhabdrungJigme Drakpa, the third incarnation of Zhabdrung (lama) who was both a political and spiritual leader and unified Bhutan. This temple is sacred and very special to the Bhutanese. It has relics and artifacts that are unique because it is related to Bhutan’s founder. . Currently, seven monks reside here and care for the temple and its ancient relics which are safely stored in a metal cabinet adjacent to the altar. Within the cabinet are five container-like drawers which hold: the religious scriptures written in gold; the Zhabdrung’s statues and religious objects; his personal rosary, head gear, monk’s attire; and the carpet on which he prayed. Annually, on the 10th day of the 3rd month of the Bhutanese calendar (which marks the death of
the third Zhabdrung), a religious ceremony takes place at this location. The various relics are showcased and the public has an opportunity to view them all. The three storey stone and wooden temple consists of a ground floor partitioned and originally used for prisoners on one side and as horse stalls on the other; the middle storey for grain storage; and a third floor which was used as the living space and temple of the Zhabdrung. A short hike through beautiful forest brings the visitor to the actual birthplace of the third Zhabdrung. A monument is expected to be built at the site of this ruin. Korila Nature Walk Half day excursion Distance from Mongar: 30 minutes on paved road Hiking time: two or more hours down a trail. Level 2 Elevation: 2389 meters at chorten. At the Korila ridge top, near the chorten, a nature path can be found that leads the visitor through the woods on a 5.57km nature walk. The wildlife and serenity of the landscape is well worth the visit. This is ideal habitat for bird watching and picking fiddlehead ferns. One can see martens trying to catch eagles and other than the curious interlude with capped languor monkeys, it is very peaceful and solitary. The variety of species of trees provides firewood, construction materials and agricultural implements for the local villagers. Served as the original route from Mongar to Trashigang. Depending on the season and the interest of the nature lover, this gentle descent can last anywhere from 2- 4 hours.

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