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Paro National museum (Ta Dzong)

Paro - Thimphu - Punakha - Wangdue - Bumthang


Just above the majestic Paro Dzong, the cylindrically shaped structure known as Ta Dzong stands overlooking the paro Town and Paro Dzong. Ta Dzong, in English is known as watch Tower was built in order to protect the Paro Dzong from the invasion. Ta Dzong was built in1649 C.E by the first governor of Paro, Langopa Tendzin Drungpa, and the half brother of the Zhabdrung. It is served as a watch tower to protect the paro Rinpung Dzong
below from the invasion from all directions. The architecture of the building is unusual in that not only does the building resemble a conch shape with an internal spiral, but the building design also reflects the union of the sun (circular shape of sun) and moon from outside. This union symbolizes the fame and victory reflected in all directions. The unique structure of the watchtower or Ta Dzong has six floors that spiral down from the top. Its stone walls are two and half meters thick, because it also used to house the war prisoners. In 1950s, the watchtower had reached a state of near collapsed. The Late Third King of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, proposed the it be renovated and converted into a museum. And in 1968, after renovation, the Ta –Dzong was opened as National Museum of Bhutan. Today, the museum includes the main building, Ta- Dzong, which has six floors of exhibits. The museum also has secondary exhibition space in a modern building behind and uphill from the main building. On the ground floor there is flexible gallery space for visiting and rotating exhibits. Old war artifacts, various kinds of animals and butterflies, books, arts and crafts, painting are on display in the Ta- Dzong.

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