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Rimpung Dzong


On the other side of the Paro Chu bank from Paro Town, connect by the one traditional bridge, Paro Dzong stands majestically to the freedom of its unique architectural design. Paro Dzong today is the center of administration of the Paro Districts and it also is the center of monk body of Paro Districts.

The history of Paro Rinpung Dzong goes, the Dzong was consecrated in 1645 by Zhabdrung Ngewang Namgyal and throughout the 17 th and 18 th centuries, the Dzong served as a bastion against invasion from the north. The Dzong is regarded as one of the finest Bhutanese Architecture – with intricate wood work, beautiful wall painting and art work. In 15 th century, two brothers Gyelchok and Gyelzom, descendents of Phajo (the founder of Drukpa Kagyu in Bhutan), lived in valley. Gyelchok left for Tibet to study theology and when he returned, moved to Humrelkha and built a small structure that would later become the paro Dzong. Gyelchok’s descendants, who controlled a large portion of the valley, were known as lords of Humrelkha. In 1645, the Lords of Humrelkha relinquished their small fort to Zhabdrung began construction of a much more superior fortress and in 1646, the Dzong was consecrated. It is approached by gently sloping flagstone road and an attractive wooden bridge, roofed with wooden shingles.

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