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Phajoding Monastery is located at 3 hours walk above the capital of Bhutan – Thimphu, at an altitude of 4000m above the sea level. The Monastery is closely associated with the saint Phajo Drugom Zhigpo. Phajo Drugom Zhipo mediated at the present spot of monastery in the 13 th century and it is considered as one of the most sacred meditational sites in Bhutan. The name of monastery was derived from the saint Phajo Drugom Zhigpo. The Phajoding monastery site was founded in the 13 th century by Phajo Drugom Zhipo who lived between 1184 to 1251. He is the Tibetan Lam, who spread the Drukpa Kagyu teachings of Buddhism in Bhutan and he is also well known as the “current of compassion. Phajoding Monastery is an open complex monastery that comprises many holy buildings and relics and state monastic school that currently has 80 monks.

The Monastery holds the ancient Buddhist artifact and also some old relics that provide insight into the lives of the ancient Bhutanese. The view from the Phajoding Temple is very astonishing.

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