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Tashichoedzong is located along the river bank of Thimphu, towards the northern part of Thimphu Valley. The vast structure of Dzong symbolizes the unique architectural and building skills of Bhutanese. Tashichoedzong has been the traditional summer capital of Bhutan. Once seat of power for Dharma Raja who built this Dzong and was the founder of Lho Drukpa Sect, it is the center of Bhutan Government since 1952. The two storied main building of the Dzong is all white and is surrounded by the three storied towers on all side which have on top three tiered golden roof. According to history, the original Thimphu Dzong was known as Do Ngon Dzong was built in 1216 by Lama Gyalwa Lhanapa, the founder of Lhapa branch of Drukpa Kagyu at a place where Dechen Phodrang Monastery is located at present day. In 1641, Zhabdrung Ngewang Namgyel took charge of the Dzong from the Lhapa Kagyu, reconsecrated and named it Tashicho Dzong. It was then established as main seat of Drukpa Kagyu and summer residence of monastic body. After fire burning down the original Dzong in 1772, the 16 th Desi Sonam Lhuendrup, built the Dzong at the present location, along the Thimphu Bank, towards the northern end of Thimphu. The Dzong was consecrated by the 13 th Je Khenpo, chief abbot of Bhutan Je Yonten Thaye, and named as Sonamcho Dzong. Following the death of Je Yonten Thaye, the Dzong was again renamed as Tashicho Dzong.

Then Tashicho Dzong was again destroying by the fire three different times and seriously damaged by earthquake and each time, various Desi and Chief Abbot of Bhutan has reconstructed. In 1962, the capital of Bhutan was shifted from Punakha to Thimphu. Then, the present Dzong was rebuilt by the Third King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. Today, the Tashichhodzong is one of the most important Dzongs in Bhutan, as it is the central of administration of Royal Government of Bhutan. It also houses the office of His Majesty the King of Bhutan and it also is a summer residence of central monastic body.

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