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Choekhor Valley


Choekhor valley lies at an altitude of 2600 meres above sea level. The valley is located, along with the main town of Jakar/Chamkhar and runs to the north. It has approximately 8800 people. The valley also houses most of the old and sacred sites like; Jampa lhakhang ,Jakar Dzong, administrative as well as monastic body, Wangdichholing palace, Chakhar lhakhang, Kurjey lhakhang,Thangbi Monastery, Tamzhing, koenchosum temple etc. It is one of the valley in where the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo (7th c.) built on temple, Jampa Lhakhang, among the 108 that he built all over the Himalayan world.

Choekhor region is often grouped in villages and the habitat is less scattered than in the other regions. Buckwheat, barley and wheat are their main crops. However with the improvement in climate condition people started growing Potatoes and rice recently. Mostly the houses are made of stone, mud and wood and the structure is of 2 or 3–storied, upper living room and the ground floor as store room. Prayers-flags and small Stupa are also part of the village landscape and are erected for different religious purposes. Choekhor valley is one of the most visited valleys by the Tourist as most tourist attractions are found there.

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