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Membar Tsho (Burning Lake)


Mebartsho (or the burning Lake) is located in the southern part of the Tang Valley. It takes 30 minutes to reach there from Chamkhar town. Mebartsho is more a gorge than a lake. It is a very sacred site and the name refers to the most famous episode of the famous treasure discoverer, Pema Lingpa’s Life. The Tang River cuts through the first line of hill, forming a narrow gorge, which contains one of the great pilgrimage sites in Bhutan: Mebartsho the “burning lake”. This is where Lama Pema Lingpa, a famous saint from Tang valley in Bumthang, discovered many hidden treasures in 15th century. Today it is pilgrimage site where the devotees float small butter lamps and make wishes. The image of Lama Pema Lingpa and his two sons are curved on the rock.

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