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Jakar Dzong


The Jakar Dzong is particularly distinctive, overlooking all sides of the valley from its hilltop position. The place was founded by Zhabdrung’s (unifier) great grandfather Lam Nagi Wangchuk in 1549 AD and started construction in 1667 with the purpose to defense the whole eastern Dzongkhag and bring peace among the regional leaders. He saw a white bird flying over the construction site towards the ridges where the Dzong is currently sited. The resting of the bird on that site was taken as a good omen and Lam Nagi Wangchuk changed the site of Monastery to where the Dzong is today. Hence the name of the Dzong was referred to as Jakar
‘White Bird Dzong’. The Dzong now houses the administrative and the monastic body. It’s a worthwhile climb for the views of the Choekhor valley from the front courtyard.

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